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Institute of Integrative Medicine

About the College

Understanding how natural substances work, not only you will serve life also we will have healthier life. Our college offers courses that aim at increasing both awareness and technical skills to our students. The courses are under NACTVET approval process.

Integrative medicine uses a combination of therapies and lifestyle changes to treat and heal the whole person. It focuses on your complete mind, body and soul and uses an evidence-based approach to improve your health and wellness.


Integrative Medicine course in Naturopathic Medicine

Anatomy | Immunology | Cytology | Sociology
Psychology | Biochemistry | Dentology | Nature Pharmacy | TCM

  • Joining fee 200,000/- TZS
  • Certificate one year: Tuition fee 3,500,000/- TZS per year
  • Diploma 2 years: Tuition fee 3,500,000/- TZS per year

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Tanzanian Shillings Account 3006211224736
Equity bank Tanzania

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